Thursday, April 29, 2004

Screenplay Observations

All doors "fly" open.

Everybody uses each other's names a lot. "You need a ride, Pete?" "Thanks, Bill."

People working at computers say a lot of things like, "You'd better check this out" or "Take a look at this." Most have "never seen anything like this."

All computers have big visual alerts when access is denied. They never just ask for a username and password endlessly.

Searching a computer database for left-handed Scorpios who earned political science degrees between 1964 and 1970 from colleges within 100 miles of Boston takes, at most, ten keystrokes.

Young kids who are older than their years say "shit." Parents who are cooler than their years say "bullshit."

Sad people alternate between "the brink of tears" and "breaking down in tears."

No matter where they live, no matter how much they earn, if people are in a depressive funk, their residences fill with Chinese takeout litter.

They will also verbally abuse nice bartenders who know their names.

Today's FOCR: "B Movie," Delbert McClinton, Second Wind

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