Friday, March 03, 2006

Today's Five O'Clock Rock

(SNORT) Hoo-huh-wha?!
"Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night," The Hold Steady
"Sleepwalk Capsules," At The Drive-In
"Sleepless Night," King Diamond
"Sleepy Vampire," Supersuckers
"Fear of Sleep," The Strokes
"You Can't Walk in Your Sleep (If You Can't Sleep)," the Go-Go's
# "Restless," Cobras
"Sleepless," Rick Derringer
"Sleepless Night," The Kinks
"I Don't Sleep, I Dream", R.E.M.
"I Can't Go to Sleep," Wu-Tang Clan
"Tired Out," Buck 65
"Sleepwalkin',"Tom Verlaine
"Sleepless," Soul Coughing
# "I'm So Tired," the Beatles
"Tired Eyes," Neil Young
"We'll Never Sleep (God Knows We'll Try)," Rilo Kiley
"Sleepy California," Her Space Holiday
"Enter Sandman," Pat Boone
This Friday's iMix: OMG IM SFT
(# = Even too rocked out for iTunes)

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