Friday, August 24, 2007

Today's Five O'Clock Rock

Seventeen years ago tomorrow, I was at Stevie Ray Vaughan's second-to-last show.

The van ride up to Alpine Valley was cramped. We sat way back on the lawn, relying on the video monitor to see anything at all. Wedged between Robert Cray, Jeff Healey and Eric Clapton, the Stevie Ray set wasn't nearly long enough. The drive back that same night was a long one. I think I wound up sleeping away most of Stevie Ray's last day on earth, just to recover from the trip.

But I would pay twenty times what I paid for that show to see it again. At these rates, you understand, all I ask for is a slightly more comfortable ride. Seventeen extra years aren't kind to the knees or ass.
Five O'Clock Rock: Couldn't Stand the Weather
Scuttle Buttin' / Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Couldn't Stand The Weather / SRV & DT
Change It / SRV & DT
Mary Had a Little Lamb / SRV & DT
These Blues Is Killing Me / A.C. Reed
Soulful Dress / Marcia Ball
Cold Shot / SRV & DT
Look At Little Sister / SRV & DT
Double Whammy / Lonnie Mack
C.O.D. / Angela Strehli & Stevie Ray Vaughn
Long Way From Home / The Vaughan Brothers
Pipeline / Stevie Ray Vaughan and Dick Dale
God Knows / Bob Dylan
Life By The Drop / Stevie Ray Vaughan
Lenny / SRV & DT
Life Without You / SRV & DT
This Friday's Mix: Couldn't Stand the Weather

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