Monday, September 15, 2003

The name? Well, it goes back to the heady days of 2000, back when (to paraphrase, then contradict, Freud) a roll of duct tape was just a roll of duct tape.

In those dying days of the Internet boom, some of us would collect album-rock MP3s during the day, unplug the headphones at five o’clock, and engage in some virtual Jukebox Neroism, fiddling as the Internet money machine burned.

Every day, my friend, every day was a Twofer Tuesday.

Just a little long-distance dedication to the legions who were fooled into sinking the best 18-hour days of their 20s and 30s into a “family-not-a-company,” then found themselves abruptly un-adopted... but only after having generated a whole lot of coin for somebody else.

Today’s FOCR (the one that started it all):
"Frankenstein," The Edgar Winter Group, They Only Come Out At Night

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