Monday, June 14, 2004

Things About LA That I...

... Will Miss: (5.) The LA Public Library

The Central Library downtown is absolutely gorgeous. A huge sunlit atrium. Self-service checkout machines. A retail-level sense for displaying books. Thickly cushioned leather chairs. A coffee bar. A gift shop. Even the children's library has nicer furniture than I'll probably ever own in my adult life.

The system is great, too. You can reserve books online from anywhere in the city and have them delivered to any other branch. They'll email you when it's ready. And since it's not really, you know, a book town, there was never a wait for a reserved book... with the exception of The Da Vinci Code, which had a queue of something like 15,358 people.

(I assume this elephantine number itself was another encoded message about Jesus. When my turn to read it comes around in 2098, I'll let you know if I was right.)

Like so many things -- the library, the subway, footwear -- LA spends the most money on things it uses the least.

... Won't Miss: (5.) the LA subway

Mostly because I never used it.

I would have... but see, the station was real far from our place. It would have taken a bus ride just to get to it, and it doesn't go anywhere near where I want, and I never knew how much the fare was, and the earthquakes, of course, and....

Today's FOCR: "Subway Train," New York Dolls, New York Dolls

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