Friday, February 23, 2007

Today's Five O'Clock Rock

If we're going to keep hanging out, there's something I need to tell you. I have a bit of a CD past.

A couple of weeks into ripping my CD collection, I have come up with a core sample from the very bottom of the trunk. They’re among the first I ever owned, in what could be called The BMG Years. The scuffed jewel cases are only vaguely transparent. Broken hinges outnumber the intact. Grease-pencil initials let you know just who’d come looking for this particular copy of “Cosmic Thing.”

Over the years, if I had to double-row CD cases on a bookshelf, these would go on the deep side. Yet I’ve never gotten rid of them. And when I began to spot-check them, I was not only still able to sing along, it was hard avoiding it.

Simultaneously embarrassing and reassuring, they still pull at me. Either they weren’t that bad to begin with or, at a minimum, they have held their dubious ground.

So here you go: me and what moved me, somewhere between 1989 and 1991, give or take. This indecent tracksposure is taken to its natural end: no song list. You'll have to invest the time for the right to mock. But you might not need it. Much.
Five O'Clock Rock: My Secret Shame

Allergy warning: may contain Spin Doctors.

This Friday's Mix: My Secret Shame

Friday, February 16, 2007

Today's Five O'Clock Rock

"Please" is only the magic word if you already have what you want.
Five O'Clock Rock: Gimme

1. Intro
2. Gimme My Mule / The Commodores
3. Gimme Some (Good Soul Music) / The Dramatics
4. Give Me Some Skin / James Brown
5. Gimme What You Got / Keb' Mo'
6. Give Me the Night / Randy Crawford
7. Gimme Shelter / Merry Clayton
8. Give It to Me Baby / Rick James
9. Gimme One of Those / The Brand New Heavies
10. Gimme One More Chance / Cracker
11. Gimme Danger / The Stooges
12. Gimme Gimme / Mumps
13. Give It to Me Two Times / Anders Osborne
14. Give Me an Inch / Robert Palmer
15. Give Me a Kiss / Van Morrison
16. Give Me Strength / Eric Clapton
17. Give Me Another Chance / Big Star
This Friday's Mix: Gimme

Friday, February 09, 2007

Today's Five O'Clock Rock

Oh, man. They all look so cool, jumping off that bridge...

Working for the Weekend / Loverboy
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 / Bob Dylan
Hungry Heart / Bruce Springsteen
Heartache Tonight / Eagles
I've Got A Feeling / The Beatles
Everybody Loves Me / The 88
Everybody Wants You / Billy Squier
Everybody Wants Some / Van Halen
Truth Hits Everybody / The Police
Everybody Knows / Leonard Cohen
Everyone's Gone to the Movies / Steely Dan
Everybody Wants To Rule The World / Tears For Fears
Everybody's My Friend / Kansas
Everybody Needs Love / Robyn Hitchcock
Everybody's Talking / Bobby Bare
Everybody to the Limit / Strong Bad
This Friday's Mix: Everybody Everybody

Friday, February 02, 2007

Today's Five O'Clock Rock

This will only hurt for 57 minutes.

Somebody Get Me a Doctor / Van Halen
Calling Dr. Love / Kiss
Gimme Stitches / Foo Fighters
Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine / The White Stripes
National Health / The Kinks
Hospital Bed / Ben Kweller
Doctor, Doctor / The Who
Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out / The Replacements
Sick and Tired / Alex Chilton
Doctor Boogie / The Flamin' Groovies
Night Nurse / Gregory Isaacs
Anna Stesia / Prince
Emergency / Kool & The Gang
Mr. Ambulance Driver / The Flaming Lips
Call The Doctor / Spacemen 3
Dear Doctor / The Rolling Stones
This Friday's Mix: Doctor Doctor