Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thinking Turnout Might Be Light

Census Job Fair

Friday, September 11, 2009

Today's Five O'Clock Rock (Episode 011)

I've never used this theme before. It's true.
Can't Not Tell a Lie

Don't Lie To Me / Big Star
Love Is Lies / Buzzcocks
I Can Tell (When You're Telling Me Lies) / John Wesley Harding
Was It a Lie? / Sleater-Kinney
You Lie / The Muffs
Lyin' Ass Bitch / Fishbone
You Gonna Lie / Little Charlie & The Nightcats
Menteur [Liar] / Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys
Liar / The Meters
Lies / The Black Keys
Why Do I Lie? / Luscious Jackson
Lie To Me / Brook Benton
Running Out Of Lies / Etta James
Lies / J.J. Cale
That's A Lie / Too Much Joy
To Tell The Truth [Theme from the Game Show]
This Friday's Mix: Can't Not Tell a Lie