Friday, March 31, 2006

Today's Five O'Clock Rock

Why, yes, my refrigerator is running. Why do you ask?
"Chain of Fools," Paul Revere & The Raiders
"You're Fooling You," The Dramatics
# "Schoolin' And Foolin'," Don Julian and the Larks
"A Fool in Love," The Levon Helm Band
"Ship of Fools," World Party
"Like A Fool," Superchunk
"When I Was A Fool," Concrete Blonde
"King of Fools," Social Distortion
# "Fools Gold," Rachel Sweet
"What Kind of Fool Am I?" Rick Springfield
"River of Fools," Los Lobos
"Fool," Cat Power
"Who Will the Next Fool Be," Charlie Rich
"Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You," Wilson Pickett
"My Foolish Heart," The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group
"Genitalia Of A Fool," Glenn Tilbrook
"Sentimental Fool," Lloyd Cole
"Only A Fool Would Say That," Ivy
"Fools Gold," The Stone Roses
This Friday's iMix: Fool Frontal
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Friday, March 24, 2006

Today's Five O'Clock Rock

Once upon a time, they were "funky" and "caused dancing," before they were "carriers" and "caused fleeing"...
"Chicken Payback," A Band Of Bees
"Mansize Rooster," Supergrass
”Chicken Little Was Right," The Turtles
# "Finger Licking Chicken," The Radars
# "The Hen (Pt. 1)," Louis Chachere
# "Crazy Chicken," Graham Central Station
"Do the Funky Chicken," Rufus Thomas
"Chicken Pox," Booker T. & The M.G.'s
"Memphis Women and Chicken," Dan Penn
"Chicken Shack," Charlie Musselwhite
"Chicken Shake," Stereo MC's
"Chicken," Devendra Banhart
"Chicken Grease," D'Angelo
"How Funky Is Your Chicken," Jackson 5
# "White Feathers In The Coop," Dan Del Santo
"Sweet Rhode Island Red," Ike & Tina Turner
"Egg Man," The Beastie Boys
"A Chicken with Its Head Cut Off," The Magnetic Fields
"Chicken Talk," Yma Sumac
This Friday's iMix: Chicken!
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Friday, March 17, 2006

Today's** Five O'Clock O'Rock

It might backfire, but will nevertheless aspire.
“On Fire,” Van Halen
“Sultans Of Swing,” Dire Straits
“The Daze,” Backyard Tire Fire
“Let's Groove,” Earth Wind & Fire
“Desire,” En Vogue
“Vampire,” Black Uhuru
“Yellow Sapphire,” Smoke & Mirrors
# “Light My Fire,” Astrud Gilberto
“Ire,” The Strawberry Smell
“No Cars Go,” Arcade Fire
“The Queen of Ur and the King of Um,” Wire
“Spitfire,” The Spinanes
“Hotwire,” The Flesh Eaters
“Misfire,” Neko Case & Her Boyfriends
“Haywire,” The Jayhawks
“Backfire,” Aimee Mann
“Tonight I Will Retire,” Damien Jurado
“Concrete and Barbed Wire,” Lucinda Williams
“Goodnight Irene,” Bryan Ferry
This Friday's iMix: Ire Land
(# = Even too rocked out for iTunes)

** To be more exact, "Yesterday's." This week's installment was delayed due to conceptual difficulties. I mean, how would YOU spell "My Kind of Lover" musician Billy Sq____? Well, me too, until about 4:55 PM.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Today's Five O'Clock Rock

You've got something on your lip. Right... there.
"Look at This Face (Oh My God They're Gorgeous)," Handsome Boy Modeling School
"Roller Derby Queen," Jim Croce
"Disco Lady," Johnnie Taylor
"Disco Boy," Frank Zappa
"Stuck on You," Lionel Richie
"Reconsider Me," Narvel Felts
"Up From The Skies," Jimi Hendrix Experience
"I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)," Hall & Oates
"Just One More Day," Otis Redding
"The Other Woman," Ray Parker, Jr.
"Don't Look Back," Boston
"Stay Clean," Motorhead
"Cowboy Movie," David Crosby
"Sold American," Kinky Friedman
"Te Na Na (Mama's Got a Baby Named)," Leon Redbone
"I Wish," Stevie Wonder
# "Jeopardy!" (theme from the TV show)
"Atlantic City (My Old Friend)," Robert Goulet
"Lydia The Tattoed Lady," Groucho Marx
This Friday's iMix: Mustache Day
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Friday, March 03, 2006

Today's Five O'Clock Rock

(SNORT) Hoo-huh-wha?!
"Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night," The Hold Steady
"Sleepwalk Capsules," At The Drive-In
"Sleepless Night," King Diamond
"Sleepy Vampire," Supersuckers
"Fear of Sleep," The Strokes
"You Can't Walk in Your Sleep (If You Can't Sleep)," the Go-Go's
# "Restless," Cobras
"Sleepless," Rick Derringer
"Sleepless Night," The Kinks
"I Don't Sleep, I Dream", R.E.M.
"I Can't Go to Sleep," Wu-Tang Clan
"Tired Out," Buck 65
"Sleepwalkin',"Tom Verlaine
"Sleepless," Soul Coughing
# "I'm So Tired," the Beatles
"Tired Eyes," Neil Young
"We'll Never Sleep (God Knows We'll Try)," Rilo Kiley
"Sleepy California," Her Space Holiday
"Enter Sandman," Pat Boone
This Friday's iMix: OMG IM SFT
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