Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Been a Long Time Since I Blogged and Polled

Here's the thing. Lately, this blog/podcast hasn't been easy to keep up, both in terms of technical abilities (which can always be addressed) and time/effort (less can be done there). Also, I haven't been buying as much new music, which was always the raisin detritus for doing this.

But I do miss it.

Here are my questions, for the maybe seven readers who might see this, about resumption:

  • Would you play the audio directly on this site or via the RSS feed?

  • Would you listen on a Friday around 4-5pm your time (the original intent) if it were ready then? Or does it not matter?

  • I await the words you send to me, your poison letters, your telegrams. And I *will* give a damn.

    Today's FOCR: "Since You've Been Gone," Head East