Friday, April 30, 2004

Must Have Been a White Guy Who Started (Me On) All That (Again)

In the same way that I (and apparently, future generations) will never know a Bugs Bunny-less Barber of Seville:

An NPR series on Nelson Mandela this week brings back memories of the greatest rap j'accuse of them all. Because, of all the things P.W. Botha will mean to history, of course I only remember his infliction of the Gas Face.

Thank god MC Serch turned me around on the whole segregation-as-a-policy thing back in the '80s.

On the other hand, The Spoonbender's elegant reminder of the phrase "pushing the goofy" most definitely gets no Gas Face.

Today's FOCR: "Gas Face," 3rd Bass, The Cactus Album