Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Can You Fear Me Now?

I bought a new cell phone. On this phone, many American dollars were spent to get Bluetooth, the wireless connection named for your face's color three hours after your first attempt to make it work.

With this Bluetooth, I am theoretically able to cordlessly (uncordedly?) hot-sync the phone book on the phone with that on my computer. Taking this theoretical model to its conclusion, I would enter one phone number in one device, and that number would then immediately be sucked into that seldom-used black hole called Things I Never Muss with Again.

Unfortunately, I bought the Bluetooth phone with an underbite. It won't hot-sync with anything. The only way to get phone numbers from my computer to my phone is to move them one by one. That's not "syncing." That's "shoving."

And I think that the folks at Palm would be horrified to know their product was offering people a "hot-shove."

There's only one port left to try. And it won't be pretty.

Today's FOCR: "Keep Pushin'," REO Speedwagon, R.E.O.

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