Friday, February 17, 2006

Today's Five O'Clock Rock

I cannot tell a lie. This one was a rush job before the long weekend. But it's still cherry.
"Don't Lie to Me," Big Star
# "Love is Lies," the Buzzcocks
"I Can Tell (When You're Telling Me Lies)," John Wesley Harding
"Lyin' Eyes," the Eagles
"What a Fool Believes," the Doobie Brothers
"Lies," J.J. Cale
"Lie Like a Rug," Kix
"You Lie," the Muffs
"Was It a Lie?" Sleater-Kinney
"That's a Lie," Too Much Joy
"Liar," Rollins Band
# "To Tell the Truth" (Theme from the TV Game Show)
This Friday's iMix: I Can't Not Tell a Lie
(# = Even too rocked out for iTunes)

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