Friday, October 05, 2007

Today's Five O'Clock Rock

Making like a tree and getting out of here.
Five O'Clock Rock: Bye Now
Modeling Sucks / Handsome Boy Modeling School
I'm Settin Away / Fu Manchu
Gonna Leave You / Queens Of The Stone Age
Color Me Gone / Girl Trouble
Goodbye To You / Scandal
Auf Wiedersehen / Cheap Trick
Goodbye Again / The Iguanas
Call It a Day / The Raconteurs
Never Can Say Goodbye / Isaac Hayes
…And I'm Out / Galactic w/ Mr. Lif
Moving / Supergrass
Gone For Good / The Shins
I'm Bound to Pack it Up / The White Stripes
Kyle Quit The Band / Tenacious D
Over The Hills And Far Away / Led Zeppelin
Drift Away / Dobie Gray
This Friday's Mix: Bye Now

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