Friday, January 04, 2008

Today's Five O'Clock Rock (Episode 49)

Oooh, you dirty year.

Rats In The Cellar / Aerosmith
Ratcity In Blue / Good Rats
Lay It Down / Ratt
Like A Goddam Rat / Early Man
Reveal the Rats / Fatal Flying Guillotines
Rat Patrol / Naked Raygun
Rats / Pearl Jam
I Came As A Rat / Modest Mouse
I Think I Smell A Rat / The White Stripes
Bold Rat / The Coctails
I Smell A Rat / Clarence Carter
Rats In My Kitchen / Sleepy John Estes
Rat In My Kitchen / UB40
Rat Race / Bob Marley
Year Of The Rat / Badly Drawn Boy
This Friday's Mix: Year of the Rat

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