Friday, March 24, 2006

Today's Five O'Clock Rock

Once upon a time, they were "funky" and "caused dancing," before they were "carriers" and "caused fleeing"...
"Chicken Payback," A Band Of Bees
"Mansize Rooster," Supergrass
”Chicken Little Was Right," The Turtles
# "Finger Licking Chicken," The Radars
# "The Hen (Pt. 1)," Louis Chachere
# "Crazy Chicken," Graham Central Station
"Do the Funky Chicken," Rufus Thomas
"Chicken Pox," Booker T. & The M.G.'s
"Memphis Women and Chicken," Dan Penn
"Chicken Shack," Charlie Musselwhite
"Chicken Shake," Stereo MC's
"Chicken," Devendra Banhart
"Chicken Grease," D'Angelo
"How Funky Is Your Chicken," Jackson 5
# "White Feathers In The Coop," Dan Del Santo
"Sweet Rhode Island Red," Ike & Tina Turner
"Egg Man," The Beastie Boys
"A Chicken with Its Head Cut Off," The Magnetic Fields
"Chicken Talk," Yma Sumac
This Friday's iMix: Chicken!
(# = Even too rocked out for iTunes)

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